Whiskey Rebellion Candle


Whiskey Rebellion Candle

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The “Whiskey Tax” intended to generate revenue for debt incurred during the Revolutionary War became law in 1791, and was immediately resisted by farmers in Western PA who distilled their own spirits. Events came to a climax in July 1794 when a US marshal arrived to serve writs to distillers who had not paid the new excise. A town alarm was raised, with more than 500 armed men attacking the fortified home of tax inspector General John Neville. President George Washington, along with sending commissioners to negotiate with the rebels, rode with an army of 13,000 militiamen to quell the insurgency.

Scent profile: Smooth American Bourbon, Vanilla, Rebellion

• 8oz soy blend candle

• Amber glass jar

• ~40 hour burn tim

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