Old North Church Candle


Old North Church Candle

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Scent: Midnight Fog, fresh melon, honeydew

…Two if by sea.

Founded in 1723 as Christ Church, Old North is most famous for the steeple in which two lanterns were hung alerting the Massachusetts countryside of the British Military’s movement in April of 1775. But that single night, made famous by Longfellow’s poem declaring “One if by land, two if by sea”, was merely one of countless over the course of it’s 300-year history.

If Old North’s walls – or it’s pews – could talk, they’d have a three-centuries-long tale of major events and dignitaries from Marquis de LaFayette to Queen Elizabeth II, who once graced its interior.

Light this candle in celebration of one of the most historically significant churches in the United States.

Liberty & Co. candles are inspired by real American Revolution and Colonial 18th Century history. Each scent is the result of hours of researching each theme to find unique, historically significant details on which to blend a particular fragrance. Whether the scent you choose is reminiscent of the home of a Founding Father, the site of a Revolutionary War event, or reflective of an historical American symbol, we hope that our candles will bring these locales to you.

8 oz Candle Size, Soy Wax

Made in the USA

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