Presidents Candle Set


Presidents Candle Set


All 3 Candles from the first three Presidents of the United States!

George Washington’s Mount Vernon:

Scent: sweet dark red cherries & vanilla

While the story of young George Washington chopping down a cherry tree may be an enduring myth, there are indeed many cherry trees growing on his sprawling Mount Vernon, Virginia estate. Martha Washington even had a recipe for a spiced brandy-based liqueur made from the sweet stone fruits, called ‘Cherry Bounce’.

John Adams’s Peacefield:

Scent: fresh wisteria blossom & floral

In 1787, John and Abigail Adams purchased the home that would become known as Peacefield. Nicknamed such by President Adams in recognition of his pursuit of lasting peace with France, John and Abigail would go on to enjoy many years here. Not long before her death in 1818, Abigail planted a vine of wisteria alongside the Old House, which to this very day prominently climbs more than thirty feet up its western side.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello:

Scent: freshly sliced apples

The gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello are among the most famous in the world. Of the species grown on his sprawling estate, one of the most intriguing is Jefferson’s favorite apple variety – the Taliaferro Cider Apple.

He considered it “the best cyder apple existing,” producing “unquestionably the finest cyder we have ever known, and more like wine than any other liquor I have ever tasted which was not wine.”



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