MMX Marshmallow Crossbow

$79.00 $35.96

Marshmallow Crossbow


Launch marshmallows 60 feet with this handcrafted marshmallow crossbow

(Marshmallows not included)

Your targets don’t stand a chance against MMX Vancouver’s Marshmallow Crossbow or “Mallow Bow,” a substantial wooden toy made in Vancouver using old school woodworking techniques. From up to 60 feet away, this handmade crossbow beelines regular sized marshmallows wherever you aim them. It’s as simple as drawing the bow, loading up with a mallow, and pressing the wood-carved trigger

  • Handcrafted in Vancouver Canada
  • Safely shoots mallows in a straight line up to 60 ft.
  • Adjustable mallow holder for mallows of varying softness
  • Substantial wood construction



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