“Hairless Joe” Socks


Hairless Joe Socks

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These socks represent Hairless Joe, an aircraft flown by the legendary Lt.Col. Dick Cole in the 319th Troop Carrier Squadron within the 1st Air Commando. The “Hairless Joe” moniker was actually selected by Cole’s crew and originates with a character from the popular Li’l Abner comic strip of the 1940’s. There were other types of aircraft named “Hairless Joe” in the war, including P-47 and P-38 fighters as well as B-17 and B-24 heavy bombers.

When the Japanese cut off the Burma Road, the major route into China, as a supply line, it would become the mission of Hairless Joe and the others to transport supplies by air, flying over the Himalayas — the world’s tallest mountain range at 29,000 feet —, commonly referred to by WWII pilots as “The Hump.”

Medium cushion, one size fits all

70% cotton / 25% Polyester / 5% elastane

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