D-Day Hoodie


D-Day Hoodie

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Our new D-Day hooded sweatshirt is packed with historical references.

Over the left chest, a tattered US flag that was on Landing craft Control 60, which landed men on Omaha Beach on D-Day, along with two “Czech hedgehogs,” which were some of the many barriers that men had to overcome when they landed.
On the back . . .
  • A C-47, with “Invasion stripes,” along with other planes that were used to transport paratroopers and to tow gliders
  • Paratroopers and the drop zones, which were identified by letters
  • Barrage balloons that were set up to protect the landing area from enemy planes
  • The beaches and nations assigned to each, listed in the order in which the men landing on the beaches saw them.
  • The flags of the major allied nations involved in the landing, including the Red Ensign for Canadian troops and the 48-star flag for US troops.
  • The sectors for each beach—Starting under Omaha, they are in alphabetic order
  • Troops of Company E, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division (the Big Red One), wading onto the Easy Red section of Omaha Beach from the USS Samuel Chase
  • Text from the order of the day, which was distributed on the evening before as a printed leaflet to 175,000 members of the Allied forces
  • The immense number of troops, planes, and ships involved in D-Day

Notes on the design:

  • This design brings together several different elements from D-Day; it’s not meant to be a photographic representation of one specific view or scene.
  • While “D-Day” was a term used with all operations, not just the landing on Normandy Beach, I chose to use it here because it’s become widely identified with this operation.
  • “Operation Overlord” was the name of the entire operation to invade Northern Europe, not just the landing. It began on June 6 and ended on August 30, 1944.
  • “Operation Neptune” was the name of the operation to transport and land men and materiel on the beach. It ended on June 30.

The sweatshirt: 

  • Military green – Comfortable and durable 50% cotton/50% polyester hooded sweatshirt. Matching drawcord and extra large pocket. Double-needle stitched armholes and waistband. 7.8 ounce.

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