City of Easton Wooden Flag – Large


City of Easton Wooden Flag – Large

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Wooden Flag of the city of Easton, Pennsylvania.

The flag design is painted directly onto the wood.  High-quality spray paints are used to ensure that the porous wood is coated well. The distressing of the flags is done for visual appeal and does not compromise the structure of the flag. Each flag is clear coated when everything is finished. The clear coat protects the wood, paint, and distressing. Each flag is finished with steel wire for easy hanging before it shipped. 44×27 inches (large). Handmade in USA

The flag is designed differently from more common flags of the United States in that it has 13 (8-pointed) stars in a blue field, with 13 stripes in the canton.  According to local legend, the flag was hoisted when the Declaration of Independence was publicly read in Easton, July 8th, 1776.

The flag was used as a company flag under Captain Abraham Horn in the War of 1812, and some suspect that the design may only date from this era. The flag was returned in 1821 to the Easton library for safe-keeping when the company returned. The Easton Area Public Library still holds the flag. *Source: Wikipedia

Photo in gallery is of original Easton flag in The Easton Area Public Library; source: Kyle M. Jones, Easton Patch

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