Content Policy

Content Policy

TR Historical makes efforts to avoid items or statements that are controversial in nature. TR Historical avoids selling products related to any person(s) still living, and avoids subjects in current news or current social environment that cause controversy and emotional conflict.

We appreciate all feedback and aim to be as accurate as possible. However, history itself may not be 100% certain and there is always debate between views as to the facts surrounding an event in history.

Customer reviews are an appropriate venue to describe products or service received from TR Historical. Information posted in customer reviews that is not relevant to the product or service received may be removed from TR Historical’s site. This will most certainly occur with comments and statements that are controversial in nature or inappropriate for viewing on a professional site.

If you feel that such an item should not be on our site, please contact us at

If you would feel that information on our website or products are false or incorrect, please let us know by contacting us through email at