Welcome to TR Historical!

Our mission is to brush the dust off the subject of history and engage people with it in fresh new ways!

History is the foundation for all we face today. Knowing our story isn’t just a glimpse of the past, but it impacts our lives now and shapes our future.

The first division of TR Historical offers people who love history the opportunity to represent it through owning history themed products and sharing experiences today relevant to history while avoiding the current political and controversial arena – there are already plenty of other avenues for that type of discussion!

We also do not limit the time frames of history, including all areas of the world for an all inclusive location for whatever your passion for history is – including art, science, entertainment, military, and much more!

We hope you enjoy our products, shared experiences, and news interests and look forward to your support in growing TR Historical’s impact on awareness and further development of history projects worldwide.

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David Bussiere Jr
Owner & Founder – TR Historical